Happy Melbourne Show Day! We Won! (Sorry Teemo & Winston)

We are excited to announce that it is that wonderful time of the year again to indulge oneself in showbag and rides.  Royal Melbourne Show starts on the 23rd September (Sat) to 3rd October (Tues).

What made us even more excited is that we can finally unveil one of our big projects!  We had entered 3 entries into the Melbourne Show Decorated Cakes Competition and we came away with a first and a second prizes!

First – Sugar “Ivory” Puzzle Ball

Five layers of free spinning sugar balls made out of sugar.  This is a homage to the ancient craft of carving these out of a single piece of ivory in the old days – without glue, so have to carve the whole thing in situ.

Second Prize – Miniature Opening Day of a Fruit & Veg Stand

A bit of fun to capture the chaos and exhilaration of a new business. This cake packs a lot of punch in a 16cm cube (Yes, its smaller than your Nespresso machine.)

Good Try – Homage to Overwatch and League of Legends

For all you gamers out there, breaking bread after a battle.

I will bring along a box of Kleenex for these boys when they get home… 🙂