How do I order a custom cake?

As every custom cake is unique, this usually first involves a quick chat with our friendly staff.  This allows your cake idea to be explored and any suggestions to make your event easier.

Based on what we come up with, a quote will be sent to you.  A 50% deposit to lock in the cake will be required.  Deposits are non-refundable.

The balance must be received by us 7 days prior (cash or bank transfer) to delivery  or on the day (in cash only) of pick up of the cake.

How can I pay?

To keep the overall costs down for your cake, only cash and bank deposits are available for custom orders.  Note: If using bank deposit, please allow 3-5 business days for funds to be transferred.

We do not accept cheques.

As each cakes are handmade, we can only fit in a limited number of orders in any week.  So if payments are not received on time (including “on the way” bank transfers), we reserve the right to re-allocate our staff to other orders without notice.

Oh no, I need to change something in my order!

Have a chat to our staff. If the changes are minor (e.g. correcting a misspelling on a name, changing position of an existing decoration etc), we can usually accommodate without a problem.

For anything else, have a chat to us and we can come up with a proposed strategy for tackling the problem. (Note extra charges may apply, but these will be discussed with you.)

Where do you deliver to?

Due to the delicate nature of a custom cake, delivery is only available to Melbourne metropolitan areas. Ask us for a quote.

For anyone outside this area, only pickup is available.

How much will it cost?

As every cake is a handcrafted creation, it is not possible to give a precise cost guide.  Factors like material to be included, amount of labour involved all come into the equation. As a general guide, 3D sculpted cakes starts from $150.

We pride ourselves on transparency. When we provide a quote, all costs are stated upfront.  We will never change the cost charged unless we discuss it with you first.

I have a special dietary requirement, would you be able to cater to that?

As we bake our cake from scratch every time, we can bake recipes that suits your dietary requirement.  Just discuss it with us when we are discussing your idea.

However please note that the kitchen in which we make our cakes also make cakes that contain common allergens, e.g. nuts, gluten, dairy etc.  Hence be aware that there may be traces of allergens in the final product regardless of recipe.

I need a list of ingredients for my cake for my childcare center/school/institution, can I get one?

As a fully registered and insured food premise, we are able to provide a list of ingredients used in the cakes that we produce.  But because each custom cake uses different ingredients, unlike mass produced products, make sure you ask at time of ordering  so that we can get it ready at the same time as your cake.