It’s National Science Week. Let’s Do Something!

Its that time of the year again!  A national science week where we celebrate all cool things science.  Instead of hearing me rant on about science all around us, you (and your kids) can get a few hours of entertainment while staying out of the chilly Melbourne weather.

I am glad to see that there are a handful of events for pre-school aged children.

As part of this (unofficially), I will be doing a science storytime at my local kinder, helping poor Rexy and Tako find their crown. 🙂  I strongly encourage anyone to put their hands up to do something locally, even if its just making a bicarb volcano!  Anything will help our kids discover science all around us, not to mention looking really cool for making “science magic” happen.

For your nearest events, visit their website.

What’s your favourite science activities/moments you had with kids?  We would love to hear about all your experiences below!