Toybricks : Aladdin Cave for All Things Lego

With the recent emphasis on Lego and its use in STEM education, we will share a little gem we recently found out east of Melbourne in Bayswater.

Nestled in between a party supply shop and tool shop, Toybricks is a quiet treasure trove for all things Lego. Opened since May last year, these are a few things that gets me excited:

  • Price by Weight of Used Lego Parts – Available in both Duplo and Lego. Separated by colours, you can go treasure hunting for a particular parts that you need/want. Different to official Lego stores, it is sold by weight, not volume. This makes the more bulky parts (e.g. the forward nose of a plane that I saw there) a lot more economical.
  • Focus on Parts, as Well as Kits – As anybody who has bought Lego recently knows, the company has shifted their focus onto kits that are built once and has limited reuse value. Toybrick’s strength is the parts that are available. According to the salesperson I spoke to, they also restock parts that are not necessary the latest release. I personally have my eyes set on a box set of generic windows and doors, parts that one can never get enough of when trying to build a 5 bedroom mansion.
  • Non-Lego Licensed Products – As this is not an official Lego store, there is a variety of Lego compatible products. For example, reusable stickers that can turn a block into everyday objects, lighting kits etc
  • Sheer Variety of Products – They stock everything from Duplo, Friends, Junior, normal kits plus more. Title picture is only one side of the shop…enough said.

While you are there, check out the Lego Boost set, which are similar to Mindstorm robotic sets but for 7-12 year olds. This is a good way to introduce how building blocks can be interfaced with the programming side of things.

More information and location can be found via their website (


This is an unpaid post. We have no affliation with Toybricks.